Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Trip to Tennessee.

For our anniversary, we went down to our favorite camping site in Tennessee. It's a KOA in Buchanan. We found this place a few years ago. We normally get a cabin. They are small one room with a few beds in it. It is air conditioned and that is all we because when we go down there and spend all day in the sun all we need is a place to crash.
This year, we had to spend one night in our tent. We've done this before so no biggie, right? Well, we normally go earlier in the year. It is a lot cooler. We were further away from the cabins. I suggested to Eddie that we go a shaded spot in between the trees. As we get out of the car, I get my first of many mosquito bites. I can't even explain the massive attack of mosquitoes. Apparently they have had a lot of rain recently. But, once we were inside the tent, we were fine. We were so glad that it was only one night. Didn't really mind the move. But here is a picture of Wubba and our cabin. A year ago, Wubba was there with us even though at the time we were unaware.

Here is a picture of Eddie doing his favorite past time. Fishing. Yes, this is why we go to Tennessee every year. He loves to fish for Crappies. I must say I do enjoy being out there. It is always a race to see who can catch the first one. It is usually me. ;0) I love watching him in his element. It's cute; especially when he catches a big one. I would have posted one of the big ones but he is trying to get rid of his farmer's tan. So, if I get permission I will post. A funny story from last year. We were out on the water. We had a few fish in our well on the boat. We don't keep them because we don't have a fridge to put them in. So Eddie likes to catch them to give them to other people who really catch them to eat. While we were out there, the "water police" (I'm sure that is not what they are named) came by our boat. He started to chat with us. He asked where we were from. He gave us tips on where to go and what to do. He talked about his computer being down. So were were there for a while. He gave us his card and said good-bye. When we got back to the launch area, Eddie offered the fish to these people who where waiting for someone. They began to measure the fish. There is a size limit on the fish. Last year was a good year so we had a few. As, he is going through the fish he found a few that were under the limit. He told us that if the "water police" stop us. We could have been fined $80 per fish. It was a good thing that the "water police" hadn't checked.

It is funny because there is a town not far from the camp site that is named Paris. Last year we were told that there is an "Eiffel Tower" there. We didn't make it last year. This year we went to check it out. I have never been to France but I can say that Eddie took me to Paris and I've seen the Eiffel Tower. Here is a picture I took.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    I love this blog for Lukas! I love the pictures you are taking of his name. Did you see the butterfly I made for him on my site. Look under Ella's Parade of Butterflies. :)