Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas is my favorite time of year and not just because I receive gifts. I really like to give gifts more than receiving them. I love the family and friends atmosphere. I love to hang out with them. I love all the hugs that go around. The meals that are prepared with love and then shared. I love to see the smiling faces during conversations of treasured moments and cherishing them.
As I look outside the window and watch the snow fall, I think about how different this year could have been with my very own family. I imagine Eddie and I would be in a frenzy to buy Lukas the perfect gift for an 11 month old going on a year. Who am I kidding? There would be no gift. It would most likely would have been GIFTS. He would have been surrounded by his very large family. He wouldn't have understood the concept of opening a gift but with the help of his many cousins, that would not have been a problem.
But in reality, that is not going to happen.
The decorations and Christmas tree are up. So where do we go from here? I've prayed to God that he help us get through this season somehow.
Then, it was thru a friend that I found a reason to go do some shopping for a special boy. HACEMOS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and represents Hispanic/Latino Employee Resource Group of AT&T. Their primary mission is to foster an environment in which people can help each other to succeed professionally, personally, and within the community. They are hosting their 8th annual Toy Drive. I was given the name of a 4 year old boy named Ohn Li. He listed cars, trucks and clothes.
So Black Friday was not so black for me. It gave me a reason to do something for someone who really needs it. I could not have been more happier that day. I was excited to go buy the gift. I was in a giving mood. I could tell that Eddie was happy about doing this as well. As we were going through the store he offered his opinion on what we should get. He made sure there were no flaws. Unfortunately at the time we were shopping, I didn't realize that there was a limit of $20 - $25. So I may have gone a bit over the limit in my excitement.
I thank God for giving that moment. It really did help.
Also I have put together a tree for Lukas. It is filled with angels and an ornament that was given to us last year for Christmas in anticipation to Lukas' arrival.
We received this photo from Carolyn. I loved it. Thank you.